“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jo for many years. She’s always my first port of call for any coaching, communications and leadership training.

Her delivery style is personal, fun, energetic, challenging, stretching and inspiring. I’ve witnessed first hand the power and transformational impact her training has on delegates in building their self-esteem and confidence, always leaving them wanting more!

She’s totally committed to her clients, a true partner, designing her content to meet requirements and the highest standards. And importantly for me she’s acutely aware of the return on investment and business benefits needed from training. That’s why I’ve been able to demonstrate on numerous occasions increased levels of employee engagement, manager retention, career advancement and employee productivity as a result of her work.

I’m looking forward to working with her again very soon!”

Mark Ramsay, Divisional L&D Manager, Oxford University Press

“Jo is an amazing trainer. My company employed her and Orchard Training to help with assertiveness and presentation skills, but we learnt so much more than that. Jo’s courses cut through the ‘fluffy’ sentiment straight to the science behind why we think, feel and act the way we do. She teaches you practical techniques to make positive changes in your life, both work and personal. I honestly cannot recommend her enough! Thanks Jo!”

Jo Cooper, Proposal Manager at Hymans Robertson

“I first met Jo at a large corporate where she was delivering training on image and presentation skills, her course material and the style she conducted the course in was excellent and very professional, that said I have been on this type of training a number of times in 2 other countries with the same corporate and the courses she delivered far exceeded those I had attended in the past. When I saw her name come up for counselling and mentoring for performance managers I took no hesitation in booking a slot. Jo again delivered a fantastic session adding deep insight which I can only put down to the vast experience she must have. She really does run courses in a class of her own and over the past 8 years stands out as a trainer of choice in my opinion. I would highly recommend her for any high performance training for both groups and individuals.”

Evan Rowse, Cyber Risk, Strategy and Governance – Auckland

“I had an opportunity to attend “Presentation Skills” training from Jo in 2012 and it had phenomenal impact on my public and private speaking engagements since then including day to day executive stakeholder interaction. Jo has an eye for detail and is very spot on with her feedback on things that “hit your nerves” in front of a large audience. She managed to turn us around as confident speakers in just two days of presentation skills training. I would highly recommend Jo to anyone keen on improving their public speaking abilities.”

Sandip Wadje, Global Head of ICT Risk Intelligence at BNP Paribas Group

“I attended a one day workshop which was delivered by Jo, it was apparent from the offset that Jo was very well organised and a fantastic trainer which enabled the group to get the most out of the session. Jo clearly has an ability to bring people out of their shells as there were delegates who were quiet at first and really came into their own towards the latter part of the session. I regularly revisit my course notes as they have helped me considerably when interacting with others and presenting my ideas. The training has been invaluable and I am grateful to have attended Jo’s course.”

Minesh Patel, Management Consultant KPMG UK

“Jo is a highly focused and dedicated individual who is extremely good at her job. She coached me whilst I worked at KPMG on the Advance Bronze programme – which was a 6 month journey of personal and professional development. Jo explains things concisely without the “gobbledygook” and “waffle” and didn’t revert to corporate speak. She is a very authentic person and made me feel extremely relaxed, even when I had to partake in exercises outside my comfort zone. Jo can definitely help you to gain results and help you be where you want to be. She did for me.”

Alison Spencer, ESOL Tutor & Education Support Worker

“I’ve attended two senior management courses run by Jo and I can honestly say they were the best and most useful courses I’ve attended in my career. Jo is a very engaging presenter with a flexible style to ensure she reaches all of the audience. I would definitely recommend Jo to companies needing a trainer and anyone thinking of attending one of her courses.”

Paul Day, Director, KPMG UK

“Jo is a passionate and driven coach, who excels in the theory and application of interpersonal skills. I found Jo to be one of the most friendly, approachable and adept trainers I have come across.

The biggest testament I can pay to her, is that I would seek out training courses that she had designed and was delivering, because I could guarantee that I would; a) enjoy myself, b) learn something new, and c) ensure I would be tangibly better at my job after attending her courses.

If you want your employees to be self-aware in their interactions with others, to be able to coach on the job, and to build better relationships with colleagues and clients, then Jo is absolutely the person you should go to.

It goes without saying that I look forward to working with Jo in the future.”

Lee Pitman, Director, LSP Advisory UK Ltd

“Jo is an amazing trainer, she engages her audience, listens to her brief and has always delivered high standard training for my needs. I have used Jo a number of times to work with our undergraduates, her feedback from them has been exceptional. Thank you Jo for your hard work and excellent delivery.”

Natalie McDermid, Learning and Development Manager at Ernst & Young

“Jo has a wonderful ability to listen. She quickly sifts through all the information that you provide her with, and pulls out key beliefs and issues from all that you have said (and not said) with uncanny accuracy. She is not afraid to ask difficult questions or challenge you, but does this with empathy and understanding that shows that she is clearly on your side. I came away from my coaching session with Jo exhausted, but with a great deal of clarity. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my mind and heart as I had a number of things that I had been churning over sub-consciously, and she helped me bring these to the surface and tackle them.”

Nisheeta Shah, Private Coaching Client

“To cut a long story short and without being too dramatic, Jo gave me lots to think about and made me really think about things and where my life/career was going. As a result, I have now handed in my notice and am preparing to pack-up and leave Glasgow and move back to my original home. I have got myself a job with a smaller firm up there and am really excited about the future. I want to thank Jo for her honesty and advice, without it I know I wouldn’t have made the choices that have led me to my new start. Jo is great at what she does and I hope I can be as good at my new job as she is at hers.”

Claire McCaffray, Private Coaching Client