Title: Pitched-Perfect Presentations
Course Length: 2 day face-to-face course
Maximum number of delegates per trainer: 6

Presentations are rarely taught throughout education yet as soon as people start work it’s expected that they are able to stand up and deliver an engaging presentation with confidence while getting their message across with impact. The reality is very different. What usually happens is that they put together a presentation that misses the point, they bore the audience with death-by-PowerPoint, and further send them to sleep with monotonous tones and uninspiring delivery. The experience is one of pain for the audience, embarrassment for the company the speaker represents, and horror for the speaker themselves, who are likely to spend the rest of their careers avoiding public speaking opportunities, which could be hugely career-limiting.

In this highly practical course, delegates will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and practise to enable them to be confident in presentation design and delivery. It focuses on changing their mind-set so that they think strategically about their objectives, the content and the audience rather than how to finish the presentation as quickly as possible. While they learn generic techniques about how to engage the whole audience, delegates also uncover their unique presentation style which suits their personality, and they learn how to enhance it to create authority, influence and impact. They also learn how to overcome any fears they might have about public speaking, and transform their excess nerves into passion and energy. Finally, the course teaches delegates how to design compelling visual aids (such as PowerPoint slides) which support the key messages and aid understanding during the presentation rather than cause distraction and confusion.

Delegates who attend this course have never been taught the skill of presenting and would like to improve their confidence and ability. It benefits individuals who have to do any form of public speaking from internal meetings, executive board meetings, and client updates to team training, formal presentations and sales pitches.

If nerves are particularly a concern then attend Personal Brand, Impact & Assertiveness first to help you come across – and feel – more confident when speaking in front of groups.

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Design presentations that achieve their objectives, create maximum impact and maintain audience engagement throughout
  • Identify their unique and personal presentation style which works for them
  • Use their nerves to enhance their presentations
  • Transform their fears about public speaking and turned them into a positive mind-set
  • Project and vary the pitch, pace and tone of their voice to gain and retain audience interest and reinforce the key messages
  • Use their posture and movement to give additional impact to verbal messages rather than distract or irritate the audience
  • Prepare presentations and visual aids (PowerPoint slides) to make them interesting and persuasive while communicating the key messages
  • Interact with the audience, while controlling and handling challenging individuals
  • Apply their learning to a work presentation

Personal Brand, Impact & Assertiveness and Love Public Speaking

Public speaking is not a talent – it is a skill
George Torok