Title: Personal Brand, Impact & Assertiveness
Course Length: 1 day face-to-face course
Maximum number of delegates per trainer: 10

In a crowded market place where your rivals offer similar products and services to you, it is often only your people that differentiate you from your competition. Unfortunately, being technically competent is not enough to ensure success, your staff also need to believe in their own abilities, be sure that they can deal with any situation, and be able to communicate with others confidently and assertively, no matter what.

To do this, this course helps them discover what their unique personal brand is, and how to use this to create positive impact in the workplace as well as how to choose the correct behaviour in any situation to achieve the best outcomes for both parties. It highlights that – even with stress, frustration or a lack of knowledge – it is still possible to convey the best, most confident version of themselves that clients and colleagues will like, trust, listen to and want to work with.

Delegates who attend this course are interested in developing their unique and authentic personal brand so that they can appear confident and create a positive impact on others while achieving win-win solutions for themselves, their colleagues and clients.

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Develop their unique personal brand
  • Create a positive impact in meetings and during presentations
  • Build confidence in public speaking
  • Say no, challenge and push back without damaging relationships
  • Deal with difficult people more effectively
  • Feel more comfortable in stressful situations
  • Have proven strategies that they can use in-the-moment in any situation
  • Put the new techniques, skills and mind-set into practise immediately
  • Managing Yourself to Success
  • Pitched Perfect Presentations

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care”
Ralph Waldo Emerson