The Challenge

Organisations today face unprecedented challenges.

  • Changing work practices (such as Agile)
  • Declining Mental Health & Well-Being
  • Higher Targets for Diversity in the Workplace; especially for Women
  • Greater percentage of Millennials in the Workforce
  • Increasing Stress-Related Illness
  • Rising disconnect between organisations and their staff

The Solution

Orchard Training provides an innovative solution with a transformative approach which:

  • Upskills your workforce with the people skills and mind-set they need to do their job successfully – no matter the organisational structure
  • Considers the real needs of the organisation and its people
  • Respects staff as individuals and considers their complex needs
  • Appreciates that staff have far more capability than they’re currently achieving, and how they can harness it
  • Transforms the way staff think and feel to create instant behavioural results while they feel valued, motivated, empowered, happy and well-balanced.

Making your staff successful

If you work in an organisation where your business success is dependent on the achievements of your staff, you need your staff to be successful.

In today’s fast-paced, dynamic and digital world, many organisations are transforming themselves from hierarchical structured, cross-functional teams to more ‘agile’ ways of working which require a flat structure of small, multidisciplinary teams.

In addition to enabling swift and prompt responses to market opportunities and customer demands, these new agile structures harness changing employee demographics and their accompanying needs while embracing new technological advances which can support these fluid working practices. Essentially, agile working allows organisations to work smarter by removing the barriers that have – in the past – prevented them from working quickly and efficiently. The result is that they can quickly meet customer needs, embrace employee needs, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve sustainability. A win-win for all.

Unfortunately, many staff struggle to adapt to change because they worry about:

  • The new: This is how I’ve always done it and it’s worked just fine!’
  • The unknown: ‘How will these changes impact me, my role and my team?’
  • The security of their future: ‘Will I still have a job at the end of all of this?’
  • Their capability: ‘Will I be able to adapt?’

While clear, honest and direct communication from the top can go a long way to alleviate their fears around the ‘unknown’, training is vital to help ease their concerns around ‘new’, ‘future’ and ‘capability’. Orchard Training offers the people skills and mind-set to help staff alter how they think, feel and behave so that they can get excited and are able to cope with the change positively rather than fearing it.

Agile Managers

Agile managers need to think differently and use a different set of skills than they’re used to in the traditional ‘command and control’ style of management. While they still need to deliver a project on time and within budget, it’s how they go about achieving the results that’s different. First, they need to produce an initial, high-level project plan and then delegate responsibility to the project team. This means that managers need to be able to ‘let go’ and empower their teams so they can make their own decisions about how to achieve the results. Managers need to give their team maximum flexibility and minimum restrictions so they can get on with their jobs in their own way. The key skills they need then is to be able to facilitate discussion, problem solve, evaluate, give feedback, and coach, while motivating and developing their team to be the best that they can be without imposing their own restricted thoughts or ideas.

Agile Team Members

Staff need to operate, think and behave in a very different way when working in agile teams. New found freedoms have new found responsibilities. Once a member of staff is given specific goals, they must decide where, when and how they are going to achieve these goals. To do this, they need to feel confident in their own abilities, be self-motivated and be able to self-manage, all the while offering high value and service to their clients or customers. Smart working is no longer about the number of hours worked but about achieving the output in the most timely and efficient way.

Essentially, what this means is that organisations need to equip their staff – both managers and team members – with the skills and mind-set to believe in themselves, be able to communicate effectively (often remotely) and to self-manage. They also need to equip their agile managers with the skill of coaching and giving effective feedback.

Orchard Training offers the people and soft skills and mind-sets that not only help staff get excited and motivated by the changes being implemented, so that they embrace them with positive enthusiasm, but also equip them with the skills and mind-set to be able to do their roles efficiently and effectively.

Imagine what a team made up of staff like this could achieve for your business!

Our Clients

Orchard Training’s past and present clients include global professional services and Telecom firms both in the UK and abroad, large public sector organisations including hospitals and universities as well as small to medium-sized businesses ranging from furniture designers and dental practices to natural insect repellent manufacturers and after-school study programmes.