The Art of Communication

Communication can be hit and miss. Get it right and you have a successful business with satisfied clients who will return, buy more from you and refer you. Get it wrong and you face a loss of clients and referrals as well as a hostile environment rife with mistrust, misunderstandings, mistakes, conflict and even complaints. The reason many people get it so wrong is because they communicate with others from their perspective rather than from the other person’s perspective. This is one of the hardest concepts to really understand yet it is the key and the foundation to every form of communication whether it’s in the form of coaching, sales, influencing or negotiating. The Art of Communication teaches this as well as providing delegates with the skills, knowledge, and mind-set to enable them to communicate effectively so that they can relate to others in a way which make them feel heard, valued and understood. In addition to creating a safe, harmonious and productive working environment, it motivates staff to go the extra mile while improving working relationships, co-operation, morale and efficiency.


Advanced Communication Skills

A common mistake that many people make in business is to assume that everybody is alike and so communicate with them as they would like to be communicated with. In addition to being incorrect, it is also foolhardy because this assumption is the best way to ensure that the other person will not do business with you. If you deal with clients or work with colleagues then this is an essential course to ensure that you get the most out of your working relationships (and enjoy doing it at the same time). In this course, delegates discover the ways in which people receive and process information and appreciate that everyone is different. They learn how to recognise people’s different styles and how they can flex their method of communication to connect with people of all styles. They find out how to build trust and credibility with clients and how to expand their current network in order to grow the business. They also examine their own business relationships to identify ways that they can move them forward.


Pitched-Perfect Presentations

Presentations are rarely taught throughout education yet as soon as people start work it’s expected that they are able to stand up and deliver an engaging presentation with confidence while getting their message across with impact. The reality is very different. What usually happens is that they put together a presentation that misses the point, they bore the audience with death-by-PowerPoint, and further send them to sleep with monotonous tones and uninspiring delivery. The experience is one of pain for the audience, embarrassment for the company the speaker represents, and horror for the speaker themselves, who are likely to spend the rest of their careers avoiding public speaking opportunities, which could be hugely career-limiting.

In this highly practical course, delegates will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and practise to enable them to be confident in presentation design and delivery. It focuses on changing their mind-set so that they think strategically about their objectives, the content and the audience rather than how to finish the presentation as quickly as possible. While they learn generic techniques about how to engage the whole audience, delegates also uncover their unique presentation style which suits their personality, and they learn how to enhance it to create authority, influence and impact. They also learn how to overcome any fears they might have about public speaking, and transform their excess nerves into passion and energy. Finally, the course teaches delegates how to design compelling visual aids (such as PowerPoint slides) which support the key messages and aid understanding during the presentation rather than cause distraction and confusion.