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Jo Blakeley set up Orchard Training in 2007 to deliver high quality courses in confidence, communication and leadership skills to professionals. Her philosophy is: “successful staff equals successful businesses”. Therefore, she believes that investing in staff’s personal and professional development is essential for any business – small, medium or large – if it
wants a happy, committed and loyal workforce as well as staff who work hard and
do their job to the best of their ability.

Orchard Training marries soft skills with hard science and constantly updates all of its courses and materials with the latest developments in neuroscience and psychology.

A little bit about Jo…

After graduating in economics, Jo entered the world of sales and quickly discovered that she had a talent for selling without actually selling. Early on, she surpassed her monthly sales targets without really trying (but working hard of course), but despite earning enormous commissions, she wasn’t happy. This set her off on a path of discovery to find a career about which she felt passionate.

She came across Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – a tool that harnesses the power of the mind – where Jo found what she’d been looking for. She discovered that she loved helping others to achieve their full potential through training and coaching. As a result, Jo joined one of the world’s largest Professional Services firms – KPMG – where she worked for its internal Learning & Development department.

From learning about the skills, beliefs, values and mind-sets essential for an individual to be successful in the workplace, Jo set up Orchard Training and has, ever since, enjoyed helping hundreds of staff in a wide variety of businesses to be the best that they can be, both personally and professionally.

Jo is passionate about her own ongoing development so invests in new skills and qualifications every year. She has, so far, taken her NLP studies to the highest level by becoming an NLP Trainer (studying with one of the co-creators of NLP (John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St-Clair and Michael Carroll)), she has a teaching qualification (PTLLS), completed a Life Coaching course with the Newcastle College, gained a certificate in hypnosis and has taken a further six month coaching course with Liz Adamson (a Life Enhancement coach). She is also an MBTI Practitioner and, as of recently, is a coach with the Sue Stone Foundation.

“If your staff are vital to the success of your business, let Orchard Training grow your people so that they can grow your business.”

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