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The Challenge

Organisations today face unprecedented challenges.

  • Declining Mental Health & Well-Being
  • Higher Targets for Diversity in the Workplace; especially for Women
  • Greater percentage of Millennials in the Workforce
  • Increasing Stress-Related Illness
  • Rising disconnect between organisations and their staff

The Solution

Orchard Training provides an innovative solution with a transformative approach which:

  • Considers the real needs of the organisation and its people
  • Respects staff as individuals and considers their complex needs both personally and professionally
  • Appreciates that your staff have far more capability than they’re currently achieving, and knows how to harness it
  • Changes how staff think to create instant behavioural results
  • Upskills your whole workforce with the soft-skills and mind-set they need to do their job successfully
  • Transforms hearts and minds so they feel valued, motivated, empowered, happy and well balanced.

Making your staff successful

If you work in an industry where your business success is dependent on the achievements of your staff, you need your staff to be successful. The challenge today is that many employees have enormous demands on their time and energy from both work and home and so their individual needs – personally and professionally – are ignored. They’re not given the right skills, mind-set or support to enable them to balance their emotional, physical and mental well-being, which results in conflict, stress, demotivation, disillusionment and disconnect from the organisation.

In the past organisations have given their staff enough technical and soft skills to perform their roles, but this is no longer enough. Workers in the Western World are suffering with mental health and general well-being problems, their waistlines are expanding, and women are still a minority at board-level. Millennials are challenging the 9-5 culture and ‘work equals reward’ status quo, while staff are feeling increasingly disconnected from their leaders and the organisation.

Changing minds for changing times

These challenging and changing times require a different approach to what’s been offered before.

Orchard Training does just that by changing mind-sets and providing the skills which balance the needs of the individuals with the needs of the organisation.

The result is teams that are made up of individuals who work in harmony with each other, are confident, competent, empowered, motivated, resilient, and determined to do their best. Think about how this could reduce mental health, and stress-related illnesses while enhancing well-being, productivity, efficiency, and output.

Imagine what a team like this could achieve for your business!

Our Clients

Orchard Training’s past and present clients include global professional services and Telecom firms both in the UK and abroad, large public sector organisations including hospitals and universities as well as small to medium-sized businesses ranging from furniture designers and dental practices to natural insect repellent manufacturers and after-school study programmes.

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