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Effective Appraisals

Maximum delegates: 12
Duration: 1 day

Who is this course for:
This course is for managers who want to be able to run meaningful appraisal meetings with concrete results.

Why attend this course:
Just the very word ‘appraisal’ causes employees and managers alike to moan and groan.  They can feel like such a waste of time and for what?  A box-ticking exercise to satisfy HR.  However, there is an alternative.  Appraisals can be extremely useful if they are used in the right way (just look at some of the benefits below).  If you hold appraisals and would like to learn how to turn them into a valuable asset for you and your team, then this is the course for you.

Course objectives:
• Turn a box-ticking exercise into a motivating management tool
• Enhance relationships and teamwork
• Improve team commitment, motivation and morale
• Retain staff with ease
• Give difficult feedback supportively
• Set stretching goals

Course Outline:
In this course, you will discover the true value of appraisals and view them as an asset rather than a time-wasting irritation.  You will learn an easy-to-follow format for holding appraisals and goal setting as well as a powerful framework for giving constructive feedback and a model for setting personal development plans.  Throughout the course, there are plenty of opportunities to practise the new techniques in a safe environment so that they feel confident to use your new skills back in the work place immediately.

“There is no such thing as failure, only feedback”
Robert Allen, writer

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